We co-create solutions with you to make your organizations more humanly, financially and environmentally sustainable.

As your partner, we listen and respond, and we admit when we are wrong. We don’t expect to be with you forever; we will provide you with the tools to enable you to learn on your own; we trust that you will be able to without any further intervention.

We help you harness talent effectively and
strategically through Consulting, Customized Learning Events
and through Coaching.


At the very heart of our practice is Systems Intervention.

We go into a client’s organization to observe and to analyze. We work hand-in-hand with senior leaders to refine goals and sharpen strategies. We help to reinvent organizations and develop talent.

We co-create cultural shifts that bring about desired outcomes. We use a variety of tools and methodologies while constantly searching for fresh approaches and new ways of being to be more effective partners.

Customized Learning Events

Our people are experts in the design and delivery of learning initiatives.

We create bespoke leadership development programs that align leadership behaviors and skills with strategy. We serve clients through talent identification and assessment, facilitated team sessions, and learning events.

We value empathy, creativity and mindfulness, these help us engage learners and make the learning felt, meaningful and sticky.

We work across a wide spectrum of industries – energy, financial services, media, non-government organizations, business processing, fast-moving consumer goods, and the public sector.


Our coaches come from different schools of coaching: gestalt, integral, ontological, systems constellations.

We match their strengths, styles and sensibilities to the needs and interests of clients. This gives us the agility to create the appropriate learning environment that can fit the unique needs of each individual client.

Our coaches respect both the privacy of the client and the needs of the organization. They are committed to deepening their practices and are encouraged to explore new frameworks and provide opportunities for dialogue and feedback on methods.

We provide supervision (coaches for the coaches) to ensure the consistency and quality of our coaching services.