Louie Angsico is a National Power Lifting Champion, embodied coach and facilitator.

Louie Angsico HCD Asia Pacific

What does a National Champion and a corporate executive have in common? The need to keep your cool when under pressure.

20 years of martial arts training from Arnis, Capoeira and Taekwondo, to Muay Thai and Jiujitsu and competing at an international level in both power lifting and athletics, Louie has access to a physicality that moves the participant experience up a level. Literally, moves them.

Louie is a believer and advocate of self-awareness.

He believes that utilizing self-awareness as a base and reminder enables people to create choice and direction in their life and influence others. His energy in the room encourages people to break barriers, challenge what is current and move them to a space of choice and action. With passion, Louie creates learning environments that promote thought, emotion, learning and insight.

His interests lie in the realm of leadership, individual and team development, Louie’s experience include working with middle management up to the C-suite level. As a facilitator, Louie’s practice includes the design and delivery of structured learning solutions for organizations and teams for both local and international companies located in the Philippines, China, India, Pakistan, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and Brunei. As a coach, Louie combines somatic practices to support his clients in understanding the connection of mind, heart and body. He uses a wholistic approach as a base to provide space for sustainable change.

Louie’s training and education includes:

  • Somatics,
  • 6Seconds Emotional Intelligence Assessment Tool,
  • Interactive Strategies,
  • Action Reflection Learning,
  • NLP,
  • Spiral Dynamics,
  • Improvisation, and
  • Personal, Transformational and Appreciative Inquiry.

Louie acquired structured approaches to coaching from ICF, HCD and New Ventures West. He is certified in Transition Coaching with FGI, The Leadership Circle 360 and is also a certified Chally Talent Analyst.

A few of his clients include; Shell, Arcadis, Fluor Daniel, Deutsche Bank, Citibank, Capital One, E-Trade, Adidas, Unilever, Coca-Cola, Intel, Reuters, Dell, Tractors, Lexis Nexis,Telus, Genpact, Jollibee, Globe Telecom, The Philippine Senate Public Assistance Group, the Bureau of Agricultural Statistics, Consunji Construction Company, Greenwich, Nestle, Australian Embassy (Philippines).

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