Keisuke Taketani builds organisational capacity, is solutions-focused and trilingual.

Keisuke Taketani HCD Asia Pacific

60. That’s how many countries Keisuke has visited on his mission of building organizational competence throughout the globe.

Keisuke is a facilitator with over 16 years of working experience at Asian Development Bank, UNICEF, governmental organizations, and Ford Motor Company.

Keisuke reveals the system in which his clients operate. That’s why his work is so effective.

Being a certified facilitator with excellent communication skills, Keisuke has substantial experience in leading organizational development and capacity building processes, using cross-cultural communications to make the process inclusive and relevant for diverse cultures.

Keisuke has solid experience in designing and delivering innovative workshops. Since he became an independent consultant in 2013, he facilitates co-creative dialogues, working with executives of multinational enterprises, to deal with dilemmas and learn from the future.

His approach is solution-focused, using appreciative inquiry to get at the heart of systems thinking. Many of his techniques are based on Otto Scharmer’s “Theory U,” which says the quality of the results we create are a function of our awareness of the system in which we operate.

His client list includes: UNIQLO, NEC, Fujitsu, UNICEF, United Nations, Chugai Pharmaceutical-Roche group, Ford Motor, Mazda, Nippon Micrometal Corporation Philippines, and UnionBank Philippines.

Keisuke graduated with a Master’s Degree for Communication for Development with the University of Malmo, Sweden in 2008. He is a certified solution focused practitioner, graphic facilitation practitioner, and a fellow of Intercultural Communication Institute in Oregon.

Keisuke is fluent in English, Japanese and Spanish.

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