Beth mAcdonald is an engineer, research director, facilitator and coach.

Beth mAcdonald HCD Asia Pacific

Her mission? To unleash the creative energies of individuals and organizations.

In her 20 years at Johnson & Johnson, she was recognized for her unique ability to draw out extraordinary performance in teams with diverse members.

Beth coaches leadership teams, especially those in start up or transition.

With working experience of more than 30 years, Beth mAcdonald held positions in technical management, franchise market development, new business development and organizational consultancy. Her ability to work across multiple cultures was further honed through worldwide and regional assignments.

Since 2000, Beth has been a consultant, coach and facilitator. Beth has coached C-suite executives in Singapore, Vietnam, Australia, China, Japan, Hong Kong and the Philippines.

Because getting results is essential, Beth and the HCD Asia Pacific team have also developed teams for coaching with expertise in somatics, art therapy, gestalt and integral methods; these coaches work together with the client to achieve their objectives. Beth has also been part of the development staff in many leadership development programs for multinational organizations around the world.

Abundant energy and physical stamina derived from training in the martial and meditate arts give Beth an infectious but grounded energy. Her communication skills carry her comfortably from the lecture hall to the boardroom. Her coaching skills can give an invaluable boost to rising, or temporarily sputtering, organizational stars.

Beth’s academic studies include design, engineering, leadership, management and facilitation. Her certifications include:

  • MBTI,
  • Firo-B,
  • NLP,
  • Spiral Dynamics,
  • Cognitive Edge,
  • Ontological Coaching (Newfield Australia), and
  • Gestalt Coaching and Facilitation (a joint initiative of the University of Kassel and the University of the Philippines).

Beth also has a strong interest in systems work and has completed certification in The Organizational Workshop and Where Cultures Meet in order to support organizations in their exploration of how systems work.

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